Door Closers

Door Closers – For that Perfectly Closed Door

Whether you’re sick of slamming doors or you just want to increase your security a bit more, door closers from Auckland’s Local Locksmiths can assist you. What are door closers? They’re those control mechanisms that sit at the top of your doors that ensure smooth, automatic closure. Whether it’s for extra fire safety, quieter premises or just for greater control, these products can help you. Ask us about the right door closers for your needs.

Get More from Your Door

Door closers aren’t just for closing doors, they provide greater control all around. Available in a range of models including hydraulic systems, door closers are perfect for:

  • Extra security
  • Fire safety needs
  • Environmental needs – keep your door partially open!
  • Privacy needs

Get more from your door. Call us on (09) 536 5050 or 0508 LOCKSMITH (0508 562576).

Surface mounted door closers

Concealed Door Closers

Lockwood heavy duty Series Door closers

Electromagnetic Door Closers

Floor Door Closers

Fire door closing systems