Security Safes

Security Safes for Commercial Purposes

Whatever precious goods you need to protect, the team at Local Locksmiths has you covered. We stock a wide range of high-quality, affordable security safes for use in a commercial setting as well as the home. Whether you want to protect important documents, valuables, or even dangerous goods or weapons, we have a safe in Auckland for you. Our fire resistant safes are perfect for confidential information and data that needs extra protection.

Our security safes are made for a wide range of purposes. Whatever your needs, we can help you. Our safes include:

Protect Your Money with Deposit Safes in Auckland

Make your money more secure with our range of deposit safes in Auckland. At Local Locksmiths, we stock a wide range of safes with features to suit your needs. Deposit safes make money security easy. They allow anyone to deposit and store large amounts of money and are protected by keys and codes. This makes depositing easy but makes withdrawal impossible for the wrong person. Safes come with either envelope slots or deposit drawers and come in a range of sizes for easy storage.

Benefits of Deposit Safes

Ideal for businesses, there are plenty of reasons to invest in deposit safes. Some benefits include:

  • A physical deterrent for thieves
  • Easy deposit access for staff
  • Ideal temporary storage location
  • Perfect for storing large amounts of money and cheques
  • They can contribute to a reduced insurance premium

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Drug Safes in Auckland – for All Your Pharmaceutical Needs

If you work in a hospital, a veterinary clinic or another pharmaceutical location, then security is of the utmost importance. Local Locksmiths can help you to protect your sensitive stock, with our range of drug safes in Auckland. Available in a wide range of sizes and ideal for a range of locations, our drug safes are made to comply with local health specifications and standards.

Benefits of Drug Safes

Our drug safes are of the highest quality and are made to last. They have a range of benefits including:

  • Premium protection for your important stock
  • Anti-theft and damage features
  • Compliance with all relevant health standards
  • Premium safes feature auto latching mechanisms
  • Superior storage, made specifically for drugs

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Data Safes and Fire Resistant Models

Protecting important data is a big part of maintaining your security as well as forming part of any commercial contingency plan. Local Locksmiths have safes that are specifically made for the storage of commercial computer data. These data safes are ideal for storing computer media, tapes, DVDs, and more and they are also made to be fire resistant. Many of these safes are rated to resist fire and flame for up to 90 minutes! This means effective and reliable protection for your most important information.

Why Choose Data Safes

Our data and fire resistant safes have a range of features that make them ideal for many situations. Choose data safes from Local Locksmiths for:

  • Ideal secure storage for documents, data, DVD’s, CDs, USBs and more
  • High-quality digital locking mechanisms
  • Fire resistant certification for heat and flame
  • Mass storage of computer data

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Gun Safes

We also supply gun safes.

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