Fire Resistant & Data Safes

Data Safes and Fire Resistant Models

Protecting important data is a big part of maintaining your security and no one does that better than Local Locksmiths. We have safes that are specifically made for the storage of computer data. These data safes are ideal for storing computer media, tapes, CDs, and more and they are also made to be fire resistant. Many of these safes are rated to resist fire and flame for up to 90 minutes! This means effective and reliable protection for your most important information.

Why Choose Data Safes

Our data and fire resistant safes have a range of features that make them ideal for many situations. Choose data safes from Local Locksmiths for:

  • Ideal secure storage for documents, data, CDs, USBs and more
  • High-quality digital locking mechanisms
  • Fire resistant certification for heat and flame
  • Mass storage of computer data

Secure your data with the Local Locksmith. Call us on (09) 536 5050 or 0508 LOCKSMITH (0508 562576).